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Production mustards and jams with craftsmanship but with innovative tools is the brand that brings to market the gastronomic experience of Mantoua in the production of pickles and jams. From the cultivation of fruit company owned, the company invested in food processing to get the products mustards and jams following the only rules that apply to the quality: use of fresh fruit, craftsmanship but with innovative tools, passion for authenticity. [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Gourmet / Restaurant on 21-07-2015 15:07:57

Francescon, high specialized cultivation of melon

Francescon is the largest organization of Italian production melons, with a position of absolute leadership in the domestic market and a growing importance in Europe. The Francescon was founded by the founder, Antonio Francescon, who in 1968 began the cultivation of melon in the open field on a first plot of one hectare. Since then the company has grown to the size of today: a modern OP consist [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Gourmet / Restaurant on 09-06-2015 17:06:38