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Francescon, ability to produce high-quality melons and watermelons.

  The OP Francescon, produces melons since 1968 and in recent years has also specialized in the cultivation of watermelons. The products grown by the company are all of excellent quality and are placed on the market only after a careful selection. The production chain is divided into four steps: sowing, growth, collection and distribution. Each phase is carried out with care and efficiency b [...]

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Posted by Nur Web Agency in Food / Agricultural products on 13-03-2018 10:03:39

Italian wine and food, catering and professional equipment to Cosmofood

Cosmofood is an italian fair dedicated to excellence in the Food, Beverage & Technology which takes place every year in Vicenza and encloses the main exhibitors of the Italian industry. First show entirely dedicated to this agri-food sector in the region Veneto, Cosmofood is open to the public and to the operators of the sector, both Italian and foreign. [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Food / Cheese on 16-06-2015 17:06:46

Acetaia del Cristo, production and selling of high quality traditional balsamic vinegar

Acetaia del Cristo is one of the most important companies in the production of traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena. Strong cutting edge of a farm , you can create different types of balsamic vinegar of high quality, able to make thanks to the indication PDO flavors, aromas and flavors unique. Headquartered in San Prospero in the province of Modena Vinegar of Christ sells its balsamic vin [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Food / Vinegar on 03-10-2014 18:10:43

Abl, italian manufacturing company of machines for fruit processing

Abl produces and sells mechanical construction for the canning industry, including machinery for the processing of apples and other fruits and vegetables . Research and development of Abl made this company are a leader in the design and production of machines and plants for the processing of the fruit. The headquarters is located in Italy in the province of Modena. [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Food / Biscuit on 02-10-2014 20:10:36

How to produce the Original Balsamic Vinegar

  The production method of Balsamic Vinegar by the agricultural company Acetaia del Cristo, is composed of a series of steps that are absolutely necessary for the good success of the process. The first step is Vintage: by resorting only to the cultivation of its organic vineyards, the Barbieri family started to produce of this world-wide famous product called Traditional [...]

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Posted by Monica Incerti in Food / Vinegar on 30-03-2012 15:03:57

Balsamic Vinegar? Choose the italian producers

The production of italian balsamic vinegar is one of the activities that distinguish the Italian gastronomic traditions than the rest of the world. But within the narrow circle of producers of italian balsamic vinegar, is a company that has done the absolute pursuit of quality as something to boast of its production. It Acetaia del Cristo, italian agricultural society of San Prospero (Modena) for [...]

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Posted by Nur Web Agency in Food / Vinegar on 27-09-2011 17:09:30

Errebi, the name is a guaranteed

Experience, quality, technology and research are the cardinal points of ERREBI, a company that has been making biscuit moulds for more than 30 years. Established in 1962, thanks to the initiative of people firmly believing in human values, and the fact that such people are still leading this company and directing the organization of the work, ERREBI's customers are assured of a very high quality p [...]

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Posted by Nur Web Agency in Food / Biscuit on 21-01-2011 17:01:45

Biscuit Moulds for industries equipment

ERREBI team work consists of skilled technicians who study customized patterns and the manufacture of any type of biscuit form. Each biscuit line produced is unique because ERREBI selects the best type of biscuit making procedures and materials in relation to cut, pattern and writing adapted. The sense of teamwork not only leads to our ability to offer high quality products, but also to the resear [...]

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Posted by Nur Web Agency in Food / Biscuit on 29-01-2010 12:01:34