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SN, clothing line and accessories for men who love sailing sports

SNI is a brand whose clothing line is specifically addressed to an adult male target fond of the sea and sailing sports. In respect of its nature SNI created a wide range of clothes which perfectly reflect this life style focusing on elegant lines and colors as distinctive features of the brand. The range of products includes a wide summer collection composed by swimsuits (shorts, boxers and briefs) polo shirts and t shirts made of 100% cotton. The clothing line is in addition refined by the stylish accessories line including beach terry towels, shoulder bags and flip flops. The winter collection by SNI is once again completely dedicated to men and includes several total looks composed by sweatshirts, jumpers, polo and t shirts, trousers and coats ending with scarves and bonnets.

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Clothing / Sport on 16-12-2014 15:12:35