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About Us is a website dedicated to Article Marketing articles and press releases relating to the publication of company releases. These releases will be divided into specific categories and subcategories to make to make them more searchable by users, who can make use of suddivione into categories, but be able to search through the tags. In addition, each article will be able to contain, in addition to a significant image of the services, even one (or more) link to your site reference company, will turn into an advantage that also benefit in terms of engine positioning research in terms of link popularity, since all outbound links will be permitted without rel= "nofollow"

In order to ensure and maintain the trust of the portal, which is also SEO optimized optics, however, we need to monitor content from time to time that are inserted into the portal and so we had to restrict access only to registered users, who have the ability to automatically insert content, but only with a subscription to access. In this way we are sure to preserve as best as possible to our users and their articles in the best possible way.

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